Youth courses

In a high speed world which still connected, there is no longer much room for having a real experience.
Our children are losing more and more their sense of observation and patience, the desire to be active, to use their hands, invent projects and implement them ...
They become passive spectators ... in front of a screen.
We dream of being able to step back (or rather forward) and stimulate their curiosity.
Teach them to have a great fun getting carried away by the fantasy and imagination.
Show them that a rich world of limitless possibilities is theirs.

Free painting (3/9 years)

What will happen when a child is against a white wall, free to express oneself without the influence of other’s eyes, with paintbrush in hand and a wide palette of 18 colors at his disposal?
He draws. According to the theory developed by Arno Stern, he puts on paper spontaneous and ephemeral marks without any representative purpose that comes from the deepest instinct of an organic memory.
Carry out an activity without the pressure of having a judging look allows the individual to achieve, among others, not in competition with them.
It enables the child to become stable and positively fostering his free development and autonomy in harmony with oneself.

Drawing and artistic painting techniques (4/ 12 years)

This workshop provides an introduction to drawing techniques, and encourages the child to take a close look and analyze the subject with its contours, empty and full, shadow, lights and proportions.
In addition, he can discover and test several methods of coloring process: dry pastel, charcoal, chalk-sanguine, watercolor, oil, acrylic ... and approach the art history and its evolution in chronological order.

Some courses may also be held at the Natural History Museum or in the Park next to the workshop (only with the parents’ consent).

Creative workshop (4/12 years)

This is the perfect workshop for those who love crafts.
From the idea to the realization of a DIY project, the children will deal with all kinds of designs and work with different materials.
Wood, pottery, plaster, wax, fimo clay, fabric and paper ... this course will delight the little budding creators by the diversity of experiences to which they may participate.
The workshop can be adapted to suit all ages.

Illustration, comic strip and Manga (11/16 years)

For young people with wild imagination who want to tell comic stories, set them in motion and give expression to their characters.
This course will teach them drawing techniques, composition boards and various coloring methods.
Parallel to this teaching, they will analyze the work of various illustrators, comic strips and Manga, they will thus be more stimulated to find and develop their own style.

Sewing (5/14 years)

This course, for young people and children, offers the basics of sewing.
To become familiar with the needle, fabrication shop tricks and discover the sewing machine.
During the lessons you can carry out small projects to make endless number of possible achievements, items and accessories: garlands, animals, bags, pouches, mobile & comforters ... even the fashion accessory or disguise costume (for the younger children) they have always dreamed of!

We provide each participant with sewing machine and the necessary equipment.

Street art (10/14 years)

Street art and graffiti are now recognized as a true art form and chosen, especially by young people, because of their contrasting colors, their large format and execution speed.
We would teach them to use this exciting and very contemporary art in the absolute respect of their environment and the city.
In this workshop they discover the different design styles of international artists, they learn to create a stencil, to draw a model, to put it on a large scale and achieve various graffiti styles.