Adults courses

What is the creative process that suits you the most?
A team of qualified teachers will accompany you, from discovery to the deepening of the most varied, original and traditional techniques.
Almost all courses are quarterly, to give you the opportunity to follow your desire.
You can choose to focus on a single discipline or move from one practice to another to find out what various possibilities are open to you, to your heart’s desire.

Photography and Photoshop

The objective of this course is to learn the theoretical and practical basics for digital photography and its more advanced techniques.
Classroom sessions for a clear and focused understanding of basic concepts, the camera’s settings and special photographic practices (Macro photography for example).
  • Sessions outside to discuss other topics, such as Panorama creation or controlling natural light.
  • Computer work sessions with Photoshop software to develop a basic command of post- production tools.
We provide each participant with computer Photoshop software.

Initiation to classic painting techniques

Course to address the fundamental techniques of painting: watercolor, acrylic and oil.
These three essential methods of artistic language will first be presented with their basic rules, and then examined through the analysis of the expertise of different artists.
A course for beginners as well as for those who already practice.

Technical experimental art

If you like exploring and you feel like to get you started searching for new methods, this course will enable you to experience a series of unusual processes.
Mastering material that you never thought it was possible to use it in painting, resin, wax, paper, aluminum, fabric and other.

Artistic old techniques

This course offers a different way to browse and study the history of art and its first artistic movements: through observation, explanation and implementation of the oldest artistic techniques.
From " Encausto " to the wax ( frescoes of Pompeii ) , the Byzantine mosaics, egg tempera , gilding , until the " perfect way " of the great masters of the Renaissance : the fresco lime paint.
You would have a profound theoretical basis and above all the ability to execute each technique during the workshops.

Observation drawing and sketch-book

With the firm belief that everyone can learn to draw , our goal is to offer a comprehensive course that support you in the sharp learning of this artistic technique, to stimulate your capacity for looking closely and analyzing the subject with its outlines, empty and full, shadows lights and proportions.
Observation exercises, anatomy, portrait, drawings of the human body and drawing up a sketchbook done outside.

Illustration and comic strip

If you want to tell stories in drawing and enter the world of comic strip, this workshop is for you!
This course will give you the basics of anatomic drawing and will teach you drawing techniques of cartoon characters.
How to give different expressions on faces and body movement. How to compose a board and various color development methods.


We all have creative qualities just waiting to be expressed, we must dare to start and do what we have never done, and it's not difficult!
Be guided by your desires and discover the pleasure of creating by carrying out after each lesson, a specific project with quick results.
In parallel we will review all essential elements of sewing techniques to make possible a rich variety of achievements.
We provide each participant with sewing machine and the necessary equipment.


This course explores the different areas of creating jewelry and teaches you how to achieve a unique piece of craftsmanship.
Technical explanations and workshop secrets to forge a strong foundation and thus to give full vent to your creativity.
Each lesson includes carrying out project to put into practice the acquired notions and play with all sorts of materials: stone, metal, glass, resin, wood, etc...


Since often being a parent brings us to put our interests and desires aside, we thought of a course to combine the development of the parent and the child.
In a workshop other than that in which Works his child, the parent may address the standard techniques of painting and drawing while his small child (3/9 years) will practice free painting and clay modeling.
A snack break is planned for children.

Free workshop

Enjoy moments of "free workshop" to carry out your artistic project or improve a technique that has been studied during one-term course in a quiet workspace, bright and at your entire disposal.
t is not a pedagogical course but a time of self-determined work during which you will have the opportunity to benefit, if necessary, from our help and advice.