Rental space

Possibility to rent an elegant and bright space in the center of Geneva.
A space that can accommodate private events and exhibitions.
A workspace available to everyone.
A gallery ready to be transformed according to the most diverse requirements.



  • Surface: 40 m2
  • Ceiling height: 3.20 m
  • Wall color: white
  • Floor surfaces: black stone
  • Useful linear meters for the exhibition of works: 13 ml
  • Capacity: 60 persons standing (room without furniture) 30 persons seated (only chairs in the room) 20 persons seated (around a large table)

Equipment included:

  • Lighting system for special exhibitions
  • Metal rail system for hanging of works of art
  • Column oven / fridge / storage
  • Toilets with double services
  • WIFI
  • Air conditioning / heating

Optional equipment:

  • Possibility for renting sound system and video
  • Possibility for renting equipment (chairs, tables, window displays...)
  • Ability to use catering service
  • Ability to print flyers


  • The weekend
  • From Friday 18h to Sunday 23h.
  • With a possibility to exhibit in the two main windows during the following week (more if available).

Rates and conditions

  • 840 CHF, the period of two days + shop windows (1 week)
Call or email us to plan together your event.
The date chosen will be reserved upon payment of a deposit of 400 CHF, amount to be deducted when you pay.
In case of cancellation no refund will be given.

Exhibitions artists

Opportunity to present your works and have total autonomy without the constraints imposed by traditional galleries.
No commissions or extra charges.
Publication in the newsletter “Art Time”.

Events and representations

For designers, publishers, collectors and tailors.
To introduce a new product or a new collection.
Possibility to be assisted in designing and organizing the event (optional)

Pop up stores

Temporary shop.
To organize the temporary sale of an exceptional product without the constraint of occupying commercial space for a long time.
Opportunity to study all different types of decorations and presentations (optional).


If you want to present your work to others and impart your know-how and knowledge in a particular field of art or craft.
In this space you'll be able to facilitate your own creative workshops.

Meetings and conferences

Reception venue can accommodate up to 30 people seated or 20 people seated around a table.
Possibility to rent video audio equipment and other equipment (optional).

Studio for photographers

For photographers artists who would like to have a large, peaceful and bright space, to work on their projects.