Now is the time to offer children an amazing and magical moment. A birthday to experience new creative activities.
Selected activities by age and for all needs and desires. The pleasure of sharing with friends precious memories.



Children from 3 to 10 years and teenagers from 11 to14 years


8 to 24 children


Every Wednesday from 13:30 to 15:30 or from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.


The price varies depending on the chosen type of entertainment


  • Invitation Cards "Art Time"
  • Hall decoration
  • Small snack: water, syrup, popcorn & candy
  • Material needed for workshops


  • Personalized invitation cards
  • Decorated cakes 3D
  • Big snack: Pizza, focaccia with cheese, small Berliner’s pastries (boules de Berlin), small balls with Nutella, candy & beverage.
  • Birthday candy bags


Call or email us to organize an event that suits you. The chosen date will be reserved upon payment of a deposit of 200 CHF. In case of cancellation no refund will be given.

Staging (3/10 years)

Depending on the chosen themes, a scene in black and white will be printed on a large scale and installed on the walls. Children will be able to give life and color to their decorating ideas.
After the birthday tea, a playful moment with fancy dress and costumes, makeup and group games.


  • Under the Sea
  • Castle, princesses and knights
  • Haunted house
  • In the woods wildlife animals
  • Baking Lab
  • Space and aliens
  • Super heroes

Free paint and modeling (3/9 years)

Children will enjoy limitless colors, before them, a white sheet of 20 m2.
A wide palette of 18 colors with brushes will be installed in the center of the room ... for them to use!
After the snack break, activity continues with clay modeling or group games.

Creative workshop (3/14 years)

You can do anything! Garlands, robot, house, objects, jewelry, sword.... with glue, cardboard, fabric, paper, wax, plaster... In our book, there are different activity ideas that children can achieve during the workshop. Break birthday party and group games. Each participant goes home with his own artistic creation

Sewing Workshop (5/14 years)

Enter the universe of Violette and discover the magic of her creations in fabric!
It is possible to choose between two types of projects:
  • Group achieving a great picture embroidered and painted the child celebrating his birthday will take home. Individual project that every child will take home. Break birthday party and group games.

SmalSmall Carpenter’s workshop (4/14 years)

Having an idea and learn how to achieve it.
Children will test their genius and discover all the tips of DIY.
Pieces of wood and metal will be prepared to be easily assembled and various workshop tools will be available, depending on age.
After birthday tea, decorating the designed /built object that every child will take home.

Painting workshop (3/14 years)

Brushes and colors at will! It is time to play the little artists!
It is possible to choose between two types of projects:
  • Making in a group large painting that the birthday child will take home
  • Individual project that every child will take home Break birthday party and group games.

Street Art (8/14 years)

Graffiti attract young people because of its contrasting colors, large size and speed of execution.
In this workshop we discover different graphic styles.
You learn how to use a stencil, to compose your design and achieve it.
Break birthday party and group games.

Flower workshop (4/14 years)

In this workshop children will discover the secrets for making vegetal object, a crown, flower balls, garland ...
They carry out the composition according to their imagination and under the guidance and thoughtful advice of the florist.
Break birthday party and group games.

Boom / Karaoke (7/12 years)

"It's party time!!!"

In the scene of disco lights and mirror balls, children will have lots of fun with their costumes, to the latest hits and karaoke.
Birthday party, music games and dance contests.